Skymates, let’s talk Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are for sorting out details, and this one has a particular influence on our social networks. Mercury is about to conjoin Venus tomorrow, so the messenger planet will likely inspire a loving download. It’s worth checking in with ourselves, as we’re up to the last chapter of this retrograde (before it goes direct on Feb 20th). Gemini, Mercury’s retrograde through Aquarius is taking place in your sector of adventure, travel and personal expansion. This beautiful airy energy is inviting you to tweak your life so as to fill each moment with inspired action. You may have been experiencing some hiccups in your plans, but trust that they will redirect you onto the right path. Some questions for yourself during this time are: does my life feel connected to a higher purpose? Do I feel abundant? Am I being challenged in the right ways? Do I feel as though I’m continually growing as a person?