Today is a powerful day in astrology Gemini. We have the moon conjoining Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – all within the sign of the rule-breaker: Aquarius. Aquarius rules the mental realm, so we’ll likely be receiving revolutionary clarity as to where and how we can improve both our lives, and those of others. Gemini, this airy, electric energy is going to start lighting you up. Your spirit will be starting to feel the call of adventure, purpose is calling. As you can feel, this year carries so many opportunities to completely revolutionize your life. Where you are now – spiritually, mentally and physically – could look very different one year from now. In the next days and weeks, focus on keeping your vibration high, so that you can best hear your voice of intuition. Meditate, eat well and get enough sleep. Try not to engage with things or people who bring you down, there’s an opportunity for you here.