We’ve made it to your lunar eclipse, Gemini, and you’re acting brand new. Today’s full moon in your sign is extra potent since it’s also an eclipse, which means the collective energy is more supercharged and full of activity. All skymates will find themselves evaluating what’s real from what’s fiction, and making sure they’re facing the truth and not running from it. Gemini, this is the week where you can finally turn over a new leaf, particularly when it comes to your self-esteem and what you may have internalized these past six months. The North Node, which represents our collective higher destiny, is in your sign, so this full moon is bigger than you — your energy is shifting the course of humanity. You may need to take a breather from responding to other people’s requests today, and tune into what your inner twins are asking you to do, explore, feel, or release. Be your own guide and be your own guru.