Key Themes: Speaking your soul truth, authenticity, love and connection, manifestation, trust

Gemini, April brings your life into a powerful alignment with your truth… if you so choose it. For you the month will carry hints of magic, and glimpses of the deeper spiritual threads which connect and support your divine journeying on this earth.

You might feel this immediately, with your planetary ruler (Mercury) entering Taurus on April 3rd. Taurus energy evokes a natural slowing down and a return to the body. It tends to highlight the simple (yet profound) aspects of life. Think: health, beauty and nature.

Because this transit activates your sector of spiritual connection, you might find that this three-week window begins to shift your perspective on what really matters to you. You’ll probably notice this reflected in the conversation you’re having, which will take on a distinctively more grounded and deep flavor. There’s a message here for you, of speaking your truth fearlessly and authentically. It’s time to gently (and lovingly) release any fears you have around standing out or coming off as “weird.” Your uniqueness is what makes you most beautiful, and the good news is – this will only naturally flow from you, as you lower your guard.

Speaking of lowering your guard, a Libra Full Moon on April 6th will light up your sector of play, romance and self-expression. You’re going to feel a heart-activation here, as well as a burst of confidence. It will be the perfect time to consciously release (maybe have a little ritual around it) any limiting beliefs which have kept you “smaller” than you are. Your world is shifting Gemini, and you’re ready to receive more than ever before.

In keeping with the auspicious tone of the month, Venus (planet of love and relationships) will be entering your wonderful sign, on April 11th. This could be the perfect window to either deepen an existing relationship, or open your heart towards the idea of a new one! Reminder: the universe supports you in finding love, connection and intimacy.

You’ll be presented with the perfect opportunity to call it in on April 20th, where a potent New Moon Eclipse takes place in the sign of Aries. This night (and days surrounding) are powerful days for manifestation, planting seeds and taking first steps towards visions. Take some time and space to be with your thoughts: what do you want to see over the next six, and twelve months? The fiery Sun-Moon meeting in Aries reminds you that realizing your wildest goals is not just a luxury, but a birthright.

Though… you are being reminded that getting there might take some patience. The very next day we have our first Mercury Retrograde of the year (up until May 14th). Mercury retrogrades encourage us to think twice, or three times about what it is that we’re pursuing. Normally, they slow things down a little – but now taking place in one of the slowest moving signs (Taurus), this retrograde may feel like life’s coming to a standstill. Trust your instincts, and know you’ll be ready when opportunities do come back online.