Gemini, on Monday the heat turns up with Mars entering Sagittarius. Because Sag is your opposite sign, this is a good opportunity to do things a different way. You might be feeling more inclined to follow your gut rather than your head, and this week the universe is here for it. Any lethargy you’ve been feeling will likely start to shift, and things will start to move a whole lot faster. On the same day Mercury moves into Capricorn, causing the collective mentality to switch towards more practical matters; things like planning and honoring traditions. On Tuesday, the Moon shifts into Taurus, squaring off with Saturn in Aquarius. Here, we may experience some shocks or creative tensions between the abundance and ease we seek for our lives; and the current societal limitations on these same desires. Gemini, pay particular attention to the theme of ‘life purpose.’ On this day there’ll be more clarity as to what’s holding you back.