Here’s to new beginnings Skymates! Capricorn, this weekend we have the first New Moon of the astrological year, in the zodiac’s initiator sign; Aries. If there were ever a time to take action… this would be it. The potent energy of the ram reminds us to take charge of our lives and to always, always lead with courage. This is a strong cycle where we’ll be naturally re-evaluating our relationship to ourselves. It’s a time particularly ripe with opportunities of change. Capricorn, for you this all about emotional safety and closeness. Sometimes it’s difficult to truly let others into your world, and this is a time to ask yourself why? Are the boundaries you set for others still healthy? Or do they stem from a fear of being hurt? Depending on your answer, start to shift things accordingly. This New Moon supports you in finding a whole new way of navigating relationships.