Love is in the air and on our minds. Capricorn, this weekend we have a major unearthing of all things emotion, love and intimacy. A Venus and Moon conjunction in Scorpio invites us to enter the depths of our intimate relationships and emotional realms. Capricorn, the energies of this weekend urge you to slow down and honor your emotional world. You have an amazing ability to achieve, create and succeed in your physical world. However, sometimes your priorities can unhealthily lean entirely this way. Use the weekend to reflect on 2020, and all that you’ve achieved. You’ve come a long way. Remember: the concept of ‘success,’ is a receding horizon line. Every time you achieve something, there’ll always be the next thing. It’s a beautiful process of evolution. To ensure that you don’t lose yourself, it’s important to find joy and contentment in the (every-shifting) journey towards your goals.