It’s a potent time Capricorn. The Sun is back in a fire sign, and we’re about to collectively experience a powerful Sagittarius New Moon. On the very same day, the Sagittarian planetary ruler (Jupiter) shifts direct. This auspicious portal will have us all dreaming again; widening our visions of life’s infinite possibilities. Capricorn, for you, these energies are particularly powerful – as they activate your sector of spiritual connection. This will be the perfect opportunity to connect to your higher knowing, through tools like meditation. You are backed by the universe, and when you bring your awareness to this fact… magic truly can happen. The tension forming between Neptune and Mars can suggest a clash between your ‘practical’ goals, and what your soul is desiring. Yet, a harmonious connection between your ruler (Saturn) and Mars, reminds you that balance and abundance is not only possible, it is your birthright.