Capricorn, as the Moon is still in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus during Friday and Saturday,  give yourself at least a little space to indulge in your passions, hobbies or artistic pursuits, and to tap into your playful side. On Friday Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer for the next two months, after having spent 7 long months in Gemini. You’ll be focused on your relationships and partnerships. It’s an ideal time to work on deepening your connections with loved ones, whether that means having heartfelt conversations, planning fun date nights, or working on joint projects together. Keep an eye out for any power dynamics or control issues, and work towards establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships. On Saturday night, the Moon moves into the exchange loving sign of Gemini, reminding you not to wear yourself out. Remember to schedule in time to rest throughout your day, and don’t be afraid to delegate.