Allow yourself to release shame and guilt. Allow yourself to become humble to your healing process. Open up to the truths that your intimate relations reveal, instead of being defensive in the face of your wounds, Capricorn, as the Moon will still be in Leo Friday through Saturday. The tense connection between Mars and Pluto becomes exact on Friday, bringing a disturbance between your sense of self and your home, family or roots. Nurture and nourish yourself as much as you need. Be true to who you are at all times. On Saturday, the Moon will be balancing out the Nodes, confronting you with your passion. This is such a fertile and creative time for you. Are you taking advantage of the fire that’s urging you to create just for the fun of it? Sunday morning, when the Moon shifts into the practical sign of Virgo, allow for confusion, allow for exploration, and allow for realignment. This is how you expand.