Hey Capricorn! 2022 is just days away, have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? Jupiter enters Pisces on Tuesday, and what was going on in your life from mid-May ‘til the end of July is coming back to meet you. This 2022, explore your mind and open your heart through exchange. Write, speak, have deep conversations. Read more, find new podcasts. On Wednesday and Thursday, Mercury will touch the ongoing Venus/Pluto union. This brings light to your personal changes, and how the changes within your relationships are a reflection of this process. Mercury will enter Aquarius two days into 2022, during the first two months of the year lay out a financial plan with your dreams for the future at the heart of it. The week comes to an end with the first New Moon of the year in your sign. Give yourself the room to feel, to shift, for things to be rearranged deep within you.