Capricorn, this isn’t an easy week, with stern Saturn and unpredictable Uranus clashing with Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. There’s a lot you want to do in groups. You know that uniting forces right now can take us all a long way, much further than if we move individually. But you might get exhausted with all the drama that’s bound to arise. Mid-week, Saturn may reveal the ones that aren’t really on your side. Don’t give into gossip, and don’t let frustration get the best of you. Keep moving forward with the ones that are in the same wavelength as you. Venus in Capricorn will lend a hand, by helping you go deeper into your sensitive side, and bringing new ways of sharing yourself with others. At the end of the week Uranus has its say, inviting you to question how honest you’re being with the expression of  your truth within your groups.