Capricorn, you’re increasingly coming out of your hermit cave, especially now that Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, has shifted direct in the sign of Aquarius, and Mercury Retrograde is over too. Your ability to focus on your financial well-being increases right now, and you may find yourself breathing easy this week and not being as controlling about work or money matters. You instead will adopt a mindset that money effortlessly flows to you, and multiplies when it’s in your presence. Retrograde season has had you redefining what wealth and security truly mean to you, and your values have shifted as a result of this introspective journey. Now, not only do you know that you are wealth itself, but you have less restraints about intentionally spreading the wealth. Once the Aries Full Moon strikes on the 20th, your communication sector will be activated, and you may end up in the public eye in the latter half of the week. Let yourself be boldly celebrated. Once Scorpio Season begins this Saturday, you’ll find yourself seeking a more intimate, homey connection with those you love. It’s time to nest and indulge in cuddles.