It’s the last week of Libra Season, and we’re one week away from the solar eclipse in Scorpio that’ll shake up the status quo. You can probably already sense the shifting seasons and turning tides. Capricorn, this eclipse szn will revamp your social life, and you already feel it coming. Now that Pluto is direct in your sign, a part of you wants to emerge from your Capricorn cave and bravely connect with others. But another part of you may be in an incubation period, and this may be leading you to self-isolate or recharge independently of others. With the Sun still in Libra this week, and Mars currently in Gemini, your mission will be to be more flexible, adaptable, and moderate in your approach to human connection. There’s no need to fully push people away, and there’s no need to fully let them in either. Find a way to balance your needs with the needs of others, and you’ll flow through this eclipse portal with greater ease than you expected.