Capricorn, abundance is on its way. Or… maybe it’s already here. The Moon is shifting into Aries, initiating a new lunar cycle – and alongside Jupiter, Chiron and Venus, activating your sector of emotional healing. This could feel like emotional release, and a heart activation. It’ll be a powerful time to check in with your emotional world, and to directly soothe any feelings of overwhelm or anxiety. Look back at how far you’ve come for confidence in your path forward. So many blessings and wonders await you. Just keep moving forward, one step at a time. Plus, the cool thing is that the universe will reward you for taking care of yourself. If you move forward frantically, with stress and a fixation on controlling everything – you’ll only slow down the process. Leaning into trust, creativity, ease and your own inherent power… will be the best vehicle for reaching the life of your dreams.