Now that the full moon’s energy is waning, and the Moon, Mars, and Uranus are all in Taurus, we’re collectively feeling the urge to simplify our lifestyles and reflect on how we’d like the final 4 months of 2022 to flow. For you, Cap, your sector of fate, true love, and adventure is activated, and you’ll be in the mood to daydream, flirt, and let go of all serious concerns these next two days. Another part of you may be telling you to ignore the more whimsical feelings and focus on work, but that’d be doing yourself a disservice. This is deeply creative and fertile energy to be working with, so let your imagination and inner child take the lead as you explore the possibilities of what you can create, who you can love, and who you can be loved by. There’s more to life than work. Indulge in life’s pleasures.