Capricorn, tune into your depths. We have some major planetary movement taking place on Tuesday, as Mars (planet of action) enters the final water sign of Pisces. This year is carrying a strong ongoing theme with the North Node and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules agriculture, economy, finances, our immediate environments and basic living. If you’ve noticed a shakeup in any (or all) of the above spheres in your life – it’s all good, you’re in alignment with your transformation. The universe is inviting you into a blank canvas, of figuring exactly what you want for your life without relying too heavily on the old paths to get there. If you consciously tune into your heart-centered side, with Mars entering Pisces you may begin to feel a heightened sense of empowerment. By your nature, you are a creator Capricorn. You are the conductor of your life, which when recognized can begin to look any way you want.