Capricorn, create the life you want. Today we have a day to wind down and renew our spirits. The moon – ruler of our inner realms of emotion – comes into positive connections with both Jupiter and Uranus. As the moon is in Capricorn, we’ll might have the experience of things clicking into place, obstacles dissolving and potentially new positive synchronicities unfolding. A positive Uranian influence potentially means quick and surprising shifts. Capricorn, it’s time to consider your alignment towards your long-term goals. Are there any aspects of your career sphere which don’t quite match up with your ambitions or needs? Perhaps you love your line of work, but struggle in your workplace. Maybe your studies aren’t taking you in the direction you want. Whatever the case, if this resonates –  open your mind up to all possible options. With the clarity of today, it could be a time to tweak a few things, or perhaps search for new options. You’re choices empower you dear Capricorn.