Now that we’re collectively coming down from the high of the Libra Full Moon, we’re allowing ourselves to penetrate the depths of our subconscious mind, largely due to the Moon’s current presence in enigmatic Scorpio. Capricorn, with your sector of tech and social networks activated by the Scorpio Moon, now is the time to get vocal about what you’ve been thinking of these past few weeks. You know that there’s so much more going on with this global situation we’re in than meets the eye. Your ruler Saturn spent the past 2 years in your sign helping you become more aware of larger forces that attempt to control us individually and collectively. Now Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is in your sign until December 2020, and it’s playing a large role in preparing you for the next level of your ascension. If you know important truths that need to be shared, you must find a cunning and protective way to share those truths.