Capricorn, honor your emotions. Today is one to start shifting your gaze inward, as tomorrow marks the Dark of the Moon period the last three days of the Lunar cycle. This time creates a spaciousness for the upcoming Aries New Moon (the first of the astrological year). Astrology is the study of natural rhythms and cycles, one of which is the lunar cycle. The DOM is a time to look inside, to face our shadows, or to simply give ourselves presence. Its energy carries a quiet, healing wisdom. Capricorn, there’s been a recent focus on your emotional realm these last months, and the next days are no different. As more of a practically oriented person, this may not feel supernatural or intuitive but try and lean into it.  You can view your emotions as a compass, or guidance system. More often than not, they provide clear directions for what you should move towards… or away from.