Capricorn, are you taking on more than you should? Today the moon moves into Aquarius, forming a harmonious connection with Mercury in Aries. When the moon enters Aquarius, our reactions become mentally oriented rather than emotional. Interactions become more impersonal, in a time that promotes fresh ideas and progressive change. With the connection to Mercury in Aries, our individuality and unique way of expressing our willpower is lit up. Capricorn, with so much going on this month in your sector of health service… you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with commitments. If you feel like you’ve been juggling too many projects at once, it’s time to re-evaluate, and to bring it back to your own desires and needs. Sometimes less is more. Plus, often honing your skills down into a few pursuits (rather than many) will be far more fruitful than scattered efforts. You can use the Aries sun energy to drive yourself forward.