Capricorn, today at 8:48am EST, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Aquarius. This means it’s a beautiful day for all things self-expression. With the spotlight (the sun!) on Mercury, mental pursuits, communication and the deconstructive nature of understanding are exemplified. This means we’ll be noticing the details, formulas and universal laws that govern each of our lives. Capricorn, with the energy of today, there’s a high chance that your mind will be more active than usual. You’ll be noticing things in high definition. Good news is, today there’s a high chance some of the answers you’ve been seeking, will flow through others. All of this 2021 Aquarian energy invites us to collaborate and get social. Today, actively seek insightful conversation – however that looks for you. Zoom meetings, physical hangouts or phone calls are the way to go.