Capricorn, today’s energies will feel like food for the soul. Today the Aries moon comes into harmonious connections with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Here, the collective experiences harmony between our innermost cores and the world outside us, our communication, sense of abundance and love. Capricorn, today you’re asked to connect with the visions and plans you have for your life. The universe supports you in mapping out your goals, and finding practical methods and pathways to making them happen. This can be natural, seamless and easy. Think of today, as a dream life admin day. This can include brainstorming anything and everything; from the kinds of pets you want to have, car you’d like to drive or house you’d like to own. When we visualize these ideas in our minds, it’s the first time that we bring them into the universe as possibilities. The sky’s the limit Capricorn. The universe supports you in making your dreams become a reality. Believe in this, and it’ll happen.