Today is a powerful day in astrology. We have the moon conjoining Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – all within the sign of the rule-breaker: Aquarius. Aquarius rules the mental realm, so we’ll likely be receiving revolutionary clarity as to where and how we can improve both our lives, and those of others. Capricorn, this year you have a whole lot going on in your sector of your immediate, physical environment: the kind of energies that are concerned with your sense of physical comfort in the world. You’ll be feeling this today too. It’s a powerful time for you to be revamping the space you’re in Capricorn. This could mean tidying up your room, redecorating or bringing in elements that meet your aesthetic needs. External clutter has a tendency to negatively impact our internal worlds. You’re invited to minimize your belongings, and to focus on quality over quantity. You’ll feel lighter for it.