Capricorn, we’re just a few days away from our Full Moon in the sign of the Sun: Leo. The child-like, playful energy of Leo is all about our creative self-expression. It’s the way we come into this life knowing we deserve to reach our dreams, simply because we dreamt them. With the Sun in Aquarius – this upcoming Full Moon expands this idea, inviting us to collaborate with others to make that happen. Capricorn, this might feel like a particularly productive time for you because the stars really are aligned for your manifestation. Alongside the upcoming Full Moon, Venus and Mars will meet in your sign. This could feel like a beautiful burst of inspiration, motivation and momentum. Following the Venus retrograde of last month – you may still be piecing together what you want for your life and why. Now, the universe is inviting you to take a leap of faith. Start somewhere, and see where you end up.