On Saturday we welcome the new year! Things have gotten hectic towards the end of 2021, with threats of going back to how it was in 2020. But some say that we’re actually at the end, that this is just the darkest before the dawn. However things turn out, what we do know from an astrological point of view is that, this new year is a time to open our hearts and minds even wider than we already have. May empathy and putting ourselves in others’ shoes reign supreme in 2022! Cancer, we end the year with a call for action, how do you want to claim your daily routines? The first New Moon of the year is in Capricorn on Tuesday, shining a light on the positive changes you can make within your partnerships, and how this can help improve your networks and your sense of belonging. Mercury enters Aquarius on Sunday, inviting you to experiment with new ways of communicating intimately and sexually.