We have a massive few days Skymates! This weekend is the Gemini Full Moon, illuminating nodal themes we’ve been collectively working with since 2019. We’ve been exploring diversity: recognizing that as humans, we’re not all meant to be the same (or even agreeable). We each grow in diverse ways – because Nature is diverse. On Sunday, Venus begins its retrograde through Capricorn, while Chiron stations direct in Aries. Here, Chiron reflects the warrior’s initiation; healing our individuality, the courage to voice our needs, and our right to Freedom. Cancer, you’ll be deeply working with themes of deconditioning, spiritual connection and relationships. Venus retrograde tends to cause a (healthy) questioning of our belief systems, tastes – as well as how we spend our energy with others. This will be a potent time to sever yourself from any limiting expectations of those around you. Connect with your own inner power lovely Cancer – you’ll notice the noise becomes quieter.