Cancer, pause and look around you. This weekend continues the Leo New Moon vibes. We’re reigniting love for our inner child and the celebratory nature of life. We first have the Moon meeting Mercury (planet of communication) in Leo, as well as a Leo sun connecting harmoniously with Jupiter – which has just gone retrograde. Cancer, these bittersweet, nostalgic and uplifting vibes are inviting you to reconnect with nature. This will be a beautiful time to spend time outside (or with your indoor plants) – get to the ocean, a park or go on a hike. Leave your phone on silent and turn off the world for a bit. Connecting with nature in this way, will tune you into its slow and steady pace. While us humans are usually buzzing around, inflating not-so-important matters… nature remains constant. A tree stands, balanced, rooted its beauty and unbothered by distractions. This can be you.