Happy full moon Skymates! This weekend we have a powerful Libra full moon illuminating the sky. With the moon here, and sun in the opposite sign of Aries: we’re collectively looking at our relationships, both with others and ourselves. Cancer, this weekend will be one for some deep and meaningful conversations. Is there anything that’s been sitting heavy on your shoulders or heart? The universe invites you into the brave and powerful space of vulnerability. With a whole lot of Piscean energy moving through the cosmos, your intuition will be sharper than usual – which means you can trust yourself to navigate emotional situations with more ease. You’ll know in your gut who feels good to trust, who cares, and who really loves you. If you can, lean towards them. If nobody springs to mind –  it’s time to be your own best friend. Why not try activities like journaling that make space for your emotional world? This is always a step closer to more clarity and peace.