Cancer, what do you really want to share?  This week, the Sun and Mars work to illuminate our deeper nature, as they move through fellow water sign: Scorpio. These energies culminate with Thursday’s New Moon. For you Cancer, there is a focus on the inner child. Here, this means themes like your inner innocence, playfulness, excitement, and natural desire to share with others. It’ll be a powerful time to get in touch where those inclinations may have been lost, and why. Were there times where the world felt closed off to you? Now can be a time to lean into your fears and discomfort – accessing a radical level of self-honesty. It’s a time to shift out of avoidance patterns and coping mechanisms.  Scorpio energies carry a beautiful power of transmutation for those willing and brave enough to go deep. Inner child journaling will be a valuable tool, as well as speaking to counsellor or therapist if that aligns for you.