Cancer, you’re about to feel supercharged by this week’s Full Moon energy, so make sure to keep your water bottle filled in advance. The fiery energy of the Aries Full Moon courses through you as early as this Monday, but the full moon will be at its peak on the 20th. Your career and reputation sector is most activated by this lunation, so something significant may happen at work this week, and it’ll help you feel more confident about what your next step is. If you’ve felt uncertain during Mercury Retrograde, that’s absolutely normal and to be expected. You don’t have to make any important decisions until later this week, or even next week. But you should gradually be putting yourself and your desires out there. Set up that meeting with your boss to discuss a raise. Start looking into domain names for your LLC. Set aside money for your dream vacation. Scorpio Season’s energy activates your sector of fate and true love, so you may have a healing and passionate heart-to-heart with a lover (or lovers) this weekend, that leaves you smitten and in awe. It’s what you deserve.