Cancer, have you tapped into your subscious desires lately? On Wednesday, the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Venus and Mars in Aquarius, and since your sector of depth and outside resources is activated, you may be thinking about past experiences, fears, or fantasies that are in the back of your mind, encouraging you to explore them further. This would be a good day to journal your thoughts, without restraint, no matter how vulnerable they may make you feel. Thursday’s alignments are harsher, with the Sag Moon squaring off with Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, in Pisces. You may feel more sensitive to other people’s energy around this time, so try to remain lowkey rather than forcing yourself to socialize. Once the Moon shifts into Capricorn Thursday afternoon, you’ll start feeling more social, but also much more selective. You’ll only want to be surrounded by people who bring you peace and help you progress.