Happy Leo New Moon Skymates! Cancer, the archetype of the fiery lion is all about celebrating our individual selves. Your life may not be perfect in all aspects. In fact, it could feel quite the opposite… but either way: you are a divine being, full of (and worthy of) love. That’s a constant – and this moon reminds us of that. Cancer, with Venus in your sign forming tensions this week, there’s a high chance you’ve been feeling blocked in your manifestation abilities. This moon can change that. It’s activating your sector of physicality, which means it’s time to prioritize nurturing yourself. Have you ever used bodywork to release your emotions? Even a gentle yoga flow can shift stagnant energy in your body, to get things moving again. Try stretching – and with every exhale, release everything in your life that you’re ready to let go of. This moon reminds you that step one is remembering that you are worthy of the life of your dreams.