Skymates, the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact at 12:34 am EST on Thursday, reminding us that a little care, understanding and thoughtfulness can help to renew our relationships and our responsibilities. The Full Moon comes with a merging between Mercury and the North Node, bringing new insights about our life path and our soul purpose. Cancer, this Moon faces you with your trust issues. How you trust in yourself and how you put your trust in others. Its reminding you about what you need in order to keep building a solid ground for yourself. The more you acknowledge your pains and traumas and work through them, the more your body will be able to relax. The more the different parts within yourself will know that you’re all there for each other. And the more you’ll be able to know who you can trust and let in, and who you need to be more mindful with. Don’t rush, don’t give into the feeling that you’re not doing it right. Just get to know yourself a bit better little by little.