Cancer, on Monday the moon inches closer towards your sign, leaving Taurus to enter Gemini. You may already be feeling a more inward pull, towards your center and inner world. If this is the case, honor that with softness, space, intimacy or solitude. Even though it’s Aries season, the next weeks will be deeply colored by Water energy, and you’re here for it. On Tuesday, we have Venus (planet of beauty and love) entering Pisces. You’ll notice an increase in your empathic/emotional sensitivity, and intuitive perceptions. There’s a reminder here, in actively connecting each moment with meaning and beauty. If you feel your connection, awareness and sense of magic slipping – find tools to use as lifelines. For example – you can come back to your breath, nourishing your cells with fresh oxygen; or your heartbeat. If you’re sitting, bringing awareness to your weight being carried by the earth can evoke a feeling of being deeply supported. Be gentle with yourself.