Cancer, the New Moon in Libra on the 6th will renew your relationship with home and family. You may become aware of something you were blind to. This same day Pluto goes direct, pushing you to bring more presence where you’ve felt disempowered in your partnerships. Venus’ move into Sag will bring less emotion and more rational thinking into your love life. Mid October, Saturn and Jupiter both go direct in your area of joint resources. Reminding you that the clearer the line between what’s yours and what’s theirs, the more abundance may flow through. Mercury also finally goes direct, and what has felt muddy at home can finally be addressed and worked out. Come the Full Moon in Aries on the 20th you may be a bit more popular in the social scene. Use this to talk to the right people about what you want in your career. By the end of the month the energy shifts towards Scorpio, with the Sun and Mars making it’s entrance in your area of self-expression. Get real and get deep, show the world who you truly are on the inside.