Key Themes: Trust, passion, release, healing, co-creating with the universe

Cancer, March is going to bring you some powerful shifts – and they’re the good kind. Over the next four weeks, you’re going to experience closure, new approaches, plus the birth of a new cosmic cycle. There’ll be a lot moving, and this may give you a feeling of groundlessness. Remember that sometimes, that’s okay. You will occasionally move forward through life by having the rug swept out from under you. How dramatic that has to be depends on your ability to adapt and flow with what comes. A mantra for you to keep in mind for the month of March is: I focus on what I can control, and find peace with what I cannot.

The month begins with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, for a few weeks. This will lead to your thoughts becoming a little more soulful and passionate. The mundane might become even less interesting than usual, and all of a sudden you’re being drawn into internet deep dives on all things esoteric and adventurous.

Allow any inspiration to come through here, because with the practical Virgo Full Moon vibes (March 7th), you’ll be able to get to work on bringing plans into reality. Activating your sector of mental processing, this moon also carries a strong theme of releasing and clearing. Virgos are notorious for being particular, and you can apply this discernment energy to your own life.

Also on March 7th, we have Saturn shifting from Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn governs themes like structure, time and authority. This is the energy which tells us to “toughen up and get to work.” There can be a helpful truth in the last sentence, but as a Cancer, it’ll be easy to see where such ideas have been taken to unhealthy extremes in our modern culture.

Often, the “grind and hustle” mentality comes from a distrust in the universe’s ability to provide… which creates more of exactly that. Cancer, it’s not to say that you shouldn’t take action, but rather – that it can come from a more empowered state: the awareness that you can co-create the life of your dreams.
As Saturn moves into Pisces, you’ll notice that the way life (and others around you) operates, will take on a distinctly more spiritual flavor.

On March 12th, a powerful healing window arises with Jupiter conjoining the asteroid Chiron, in Aries. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and tends to point us towards our deepest wounding. With the magnifying lens of Jupiter on it – your triggers, fears or frustrations may rise to the surface. If that’s the case, be sure to give yourself plenty of space, grace and love. From there, arises a unique opportunity to deeply heal.

We have a marathon of fire emerging from March 19th, where Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Aries. The next day, we begin Aries season, as well as the new astrological year! This is big. Think chapter-closing-new-year’s-day vibes. You might feel this as a wave of nostalgia, the desire to reflect, excitement for the future, or all of the above.

Laying all of your emotions out will be the perfect thing to do on March 21st, where we have the first New Moon of the astro year, in Aries. This powerful initiatory energy activates your sector of physical manifestation, finances and career. Plus, Mars (planet of action) moves into your sign on March 25th. If there were ever a time to fearlessly shoot your shot, this would be it!