Key Themes: Clearing and simplifying, what success means, your spiritual knowing, celebration, self-love

Cancer, you’re officially heading into your season which means that June will carry both energies of clearing and celebrating yourself.

Jupiter is now in Taurus, which can be felt as a collective exhalation. We’re all on a journey of slowing life down, simplifying and returning to what matters in our lives. We’ve been told different stories of what success means; wealth, powerful careers, mastery of a skill, a certain body shape – you’ve heard it all before. But this transit, as well as the Lunar Nodes wrapping up their time on the Taurus-Scorpio axis means that you’re not only starting to redefine “success,” but to integrate these new definitions into your life.

Maybe success to you means a calm nervous system, a balanced partnership, plenty of me-time, freedom to pursue your passions… you name it. The month of June sees you not only giving yourself permission to rewrite the book on success, but to begin striving towards it. And yes, you can strive towards things like more naps. A meeting between the North Node and Jupiter (June 1st) initiates this fire, and will be the perfect time to write down some new goals.

A few days later we have our full moon in Sagittarius (June 3rd). As this activates your sector of wellbeing and organization, it’ll be the perfect portal for some energetic spring cleaning. This might mean physically (or digitally) tidying up your environment, or cutting some energetic chords.

Cancer, as one of the most empathic signs, a consistent practice of releasing can be important for your health and state of clarity. It can be all too easy to take on the energy of others, intentionally or not. To remedy this, I’ve always found saying the following affirmation aloud helpful: “I release any information, energy and emotions which do not serve me.” Exhale, and let go.

Venus entering your neighboring sign (Leo) on June 5th, is going to light you up with a spark of self-empowerment. You might feel this instantly, or steadily increasing over the next few weeks. Simply put, this will feel like permission to unapologetically be yourself. The world is ready, lovely Cancer.

June 17th takes a more practical turn, with Saturn moving retrograde through Pisces. Saturn (ruler of your opposite sign), is probably not your favorite planet. It governs all things tradition, time, structure and authority. Think of the harsh (but secretly kind) personal trainer that pushes you to exceed your own expectations.

This retrograde through Pisces will take on a specifically existential flavor, which for you activates your sector of life purpose and higher meaning. It’ll be a powerful time to ask some big questions about what it is that you’re doing here, and how true that feels to your soul.

The above lays the perfect foundation to enter the season of you. Cancer season begins magically as ever, alongside the equinox on June 21st. Self-love is a word that’s coming up (thankfully) more than ever in our modern, increasingly self-aware society. As a Cancer, it’s a particularly powerful tool and invitation. Your season is not just about celebrating your solar return (birthday), but rather remembering that you are loved, valuable and perfect – as you are, always.