I hope you’ve had a lovely New Moon, skymates! It’s KTZ founder Dossé-Via, writing you to let you know that starting today, I’m taking a six month break from writing daily horoscopes, even on my app. I’ve been writing them for over 8 years now, and this eclipse passage and new moon have helped me see the importance of rest and recalibration, so I’m honoring my instincts. I’m also currently writing an astrology book that I’m excited to share with you, and this time off from dailies will help me focus on completing that project. KTZ will continue to share your weekly, monthly and yearly scopes on our app and site, as well as amazing services such as a Personalized Chiron Report, a Manifestation Moon Guide and a monthly video reading by me. We’ll still be your astrological guides, however this shift will also encourage you to become your own astrologer and tune into your inner wisdom on a daily basis. I love that for you! I appreciate your love and support, fam. Thank you for being here. Love always, Dossé-Via 💫