Cancer, the first months of 2022 have carried a pretty intense ‘shake-up’ energy, but with April you’re being offered a bubble of peace, creativity and expansion. With so much planetary action taking place in the water sign of Pisces, you’ll be feeling more emotionally and spiritually balanced than you have all year. It’s as though there’s finally breathing space for your entire being.

You’ll likely see your intuition turn up a gear with Venus entering Pisces on the 5th, to be joined by Mars on the 14th.

Pay attention to the days surrounding April 8th, where a potent harmonious connection arises between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node. If you take the time to find solitude and presence on this day – you may just receive inspiration and downloads regarding your soul journey and next steps forward.

It is worth acknowledging that all the above means that you’ll be feeling even more energetically sensitive than usual Cancer. Be mindful of your environments and conversations. What uplifts you will be even more potent, but what drains you may feel even worse than usual. You can use these responses as a guidance system or compass: move towards what fills you up, and away from what does not.

Midway through the month, you might be feeling more social than you have a while. Here, the universe carries a reminder of the power in connecting your dreams with those around you. Accepting the inspiration and guidance of other beings can expand your horizons – there’s always something to learn from everyone. Plus, simply feeling as though you belong to a community of like-minded beings, will nurture your soul. Afterall, even though your sign likes its personal space – Cancer does reflect the energy of family and belonging.

The Libra Full Moon on April 16th will further illuminate these themes in your chart. For this reason it’s extra important that you’re paying close attention to your emotional world, meeting your own needs, and desires for intimacy.  Taurus season (from the 19th) will bring a sense of stability that has been missing in 2022 so far. It’s from this place that you’ll be able to feel grounded enough to really start getting to work Cancer. If self-improvement is a priority for you, now’s the time for it.

There’s a unique period of peace and lightness that will be felt up to April 29th… where we begin an intense Pluto retrograde. As it takes place in your opposite sign, this may feel particularly uncomfortable for you, Cancer. You’ll be looking at themes of career, finance and traditional models of ‘success.’ While this can arise as shock energy – or the sensation you’re being stretched… retrogrades (particularly this one) are an opportunity to go deep. Here, you’re very much invited into a space of looking at your suppressed pain points. How can you transmute your fears into beliefs of empowerment? This is crucial in both your healing journey, and creating the life of your dreams. This retrograde will be a deep process of clearing anything remaining, that’s holding you back.