Cancer, in the next few days the moon shifts into fellow water-sign, Pisces. The Pisces Moon tends to blur lines of intuition and reality. Here, the collective tends to feel more empathic and spiritually attuned, and this will be furthered by a conjunction to the planet of expansion: Jupiter. This dreamy lunar energy is nurturing, healing and expansive for you Cancer. As a result, you might be feeling calmer and clearer than you have in the last weeks – but it’s worth making a conscious effort to protect your energy. Avoid any toxic friendships, media or environments where possible – you can use this time as an energetic detox. This will become the perfect launchpad for you, as we also have Mercury ending its retrograde. If you’ve had any recent roadblocks relative to career, wealth or your goals in general – you might just start receiving ideas on how to overcome them. Remember: maintaining a clear mind, body and spirit will infinitely expand your opportunities for abundance and joy.