The Moon spends all day in Scorpio on Wednesday, and then on Thursday it shifts into Sagittarius. The transition from a Scorpio Moon to a Sag Moon can feel like an abrupt shift from nighttime to daytime, and it may take us a second to adjust. Cancer, Mars’ presence in Capricorn has you seeking physical and emotional attention in quite intense ways — but the Capricorn energy in the cosmos is rubbing off on you, and you may not actually be admitting this openly to yourself or others. The Scorpio Moon encourages you to dive into the depths of what you’re feeling, either through pouring your heart out in your journal, or speaking to a trusted friend or lover about your emotional needs. Then the Sag Moon on Thursday is likely to have you in a more active and daring mood. Suddenly you’ll feel more self-focused, and would rather exert your energy at the gym or through a creative project rather than getting caught up in your feels. Ahh, life and its hilarious contrasts.