Cancer, back into the subconscious we go. Fresh approaches and opportunities are brewing today, as the Aquarius Moon joins the planet of expansion, Jupiter. This planetary connection means we’ll be receiving synchronistic signs that remind us of the needs of our emotional realms Cancer. If you’ve been experiencing a discrepancy between your inner and outer worlds… today you might just receive an epiphany or new ideas on how to bridge them. Cancer, this all moves through your sector of the subconscious. Carl Jung taught us how our subconscious fears almost always drive our actions. If it feels right, try to reflect on how and where this happens in your own life. Today is one to go deep. If you’re truly honest with yourself, what decisions have you made from fear, rather than love? Journaling or creating a video diary will help your reflections emerge and flow. Remember, taking responsibility for your inner growth in this way is an act of ultimate self-love. You deserve it.