Happy Pisces Season Skymates! Cancer, this beautiful season softens the cosmic energy of the collective, and for you: adventure is calling. Here, we’re each reminded of our spiritual, more introverted selves – and invited to connect with our dreams. At this time, our emotions and empathy tend to become enhanced.  As a result, we feel closer to the Universe and all of the beings who occupy it. Cancer, this season lights up your sector of adventure, travel and soul journey. It’ll be a beautiful time, to say the least! If you’ve been feeling lost in terms of direction, inspiration and spiritual connection… things are about to shift. As a fellow water sign, your intuition will be heightened, as will doors of synchronicity, opportunity and abundance. Cancer, all you have to do is apply discipline and cut out the gunk in your life. The vices, the toxic relationships, you name it. Do whatever it takes to stay in the vibration of gratitude and ‘receiving,’ and watch the universe deliver your reward.