Cancer, today’s energies will feel like food for the soul. Today the Aries moon comes into harmonious connections with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Here, the collective experiences harmony between our innermost cores and the world outside us, our communication, sense of abundance and love. Cancer, the absolute priority for you today is self-care, and nothing else. These energies light up your sector of self-love, emotional comfort, safety and home. With all of this new Aquarian energy moving through and shaking things up, you may have been feeling a little ungrounded lately. It’s as though the pace of the world is getting faster, and you’d like a second to breathe. Today, tune into all of the ways that you are your own home. Acknowledge the ways in which you can provide the care, safety, support and love for yourself. You are always safe and held by the universe. You can always count on yourself.