Today at 5.17pm EST Chiron goes direct in Aries. Chiron is sometimes called the ‘wounded healer.’ Its energy reveals to us our deepest wounds, and a unique magic that arises when we come to accept and heal them. Chiron’s energy is both the greatest source of your vulnerability… and strength. Cancer, for you this energy is circulating around your career sector. For so long now, the world and its structures have been oriented towards Capricorn, your opposite sign. This didn’t make things the easiest for you. Rationality and practicality took center-stage, while the honoring of our emotional realms took a hit. With the huge planetary shifts which are starting to come through, things are finally starting to move forward. Cancer, you might find that a career path opens up, that wasn’t previously available to you. Stay creative, open and curious. Your dream life can definitely include a fulfilling dream job.