Change is in the air, Skymates. This weekend, we have the Moon (in your sign Aries), coming into tense connection with planets in Capricorn. This reflects an imbalance; between themes of personal sovereignty, and the structures that exist in the world around us. Beautifully, a wave of expansion follows, as the Moon moves on to harmoniously connect with planets in Aquarius. Here, we’ll receive reaffirmation of our personal power, as divine and sovereign beings. We are limitless. Aries, with this potent lunar energy surrounding your sign, you’ll be feeling more connected to your emotional body. The next few days will be the perfect time to give yourself any needed love, pep talks and rest. 2022 has had a nonlinear start, but that’s by no means an indication of what’s to come! Here’s a mantra to work with: I am free, and infinite in my potential.