Aries, during Taurus’ Waxing Quarter Moon on the 8th, we’ll be halfway between the New and Full Moon. Checkup on what has been growing or rearranging within you regarding your networks. How can your relationship to abundance be improved through these realizations? On the 9th, Ceres re-enters Gemini. Support and nourishment through communication and ideas will be very important. Looking back to August and December, were you feeling uneasy in your daily interactions? What can you do to feel safer in your everyday surroundings? Practice voicing your needs. On the 11th, Mercury joins forces with Pluto in your area of professional pursuits and social status, make sure your words are conscious within these spaces. Don’t hold back your power. During the wknd, the Moon hangs out in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Treat yourself with care. Be with the ones you love.