Aries, the New Moon is happening on Wednesday in your area of spirituality. But before it does, Mercury and Saturn meet in Aquarius, this may spark some tension within your groups. Don’t get caught up in the drama or in your need to be right. Just follow your inner voice. The New Moon in Pisces brings a nice renewing energy your way. Give yourself the chance to pause and relax mid-week. On Thursday, Mars and Venus both join Pluto, and you won’t be able to deny your appetite for success. Make sure you’re aligning your ambition with your purpose and with the kind of impact you wish to have on the world. The Sun joins Jupiter on Saturday, shining a light on the blessings available for you in your professional path. Ask for what you want. Take a step in the direction you want to go. Mars and Venus then enter Aquarius and come into an exact union for the third time on Sunday. Shining a light on your need for freedom and individuality within your groups.