Aries, there may be some intensity arising, but you’re the perfect one for the job. One of this year’s major flavors will be heightened over the next few days – with the planet Saturn squaring Uranus. This can look like more surprises, twists and turns… especially when it comes to themes like global economies, wealth, politics and so on. Aries, as the first of the zodiac, your sign reflects the spiritual warrior. You might be noticing more injustices, inequality or general unhealthy dynamics in the next few weeks – especially as we move towards the eclipse. If this is the case, rather than feeling overwhelmed or angry… remember that this is part of your divine role here. You are a leader, and someone naturally brave enough to stand on the front lines (metaphorically). Know that simply by carrying yourself with integrity as you already do, you are becoming an example to others around you. Also know that if your fight arises, you’ll know what to do.